The Journal of spencer.
A Comcast representative just came a-knocking. My dad answered the door.

Very quickly, my father made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with whatever Comcast was offering. The solicitor, however, doggedly continued his quest, until my dad essentially said, "No, so leave."

As he left our step, the representative noticed two potted raspberry plants on our porch. We got them a few weeks back, and haven't transplanted them yet. Nevertheless, it should be fairly obvious that they're raspberries-- the tubs they're sitting in have pictures of berries and the name of the fruit printed broadly across the label. Seeing these plants, however, the Comcast rep asked, "What are those? You guys aren't growing marijuana, are you?"

Now, perhaps it's just me, but I cannot see any situation wherein a company's representative has any place asking something like that. If it was meant as an accusation, it was incredibly rude and unnecessary. If it was idle curiosity, it still probably should have stayed idle. While I'm all for the interaction with people on friendly, human terms, there are still lines in the sand that govern social interaction, and asking a new acquaintance within two minutes of meeting them whether they are growing a currently illegal drug is definitely on the wrong side of one such line.