The Journal of spencer.
Makeover! 04-04-07 17:31

I've become really tired of the default templates, and I want to change mine. I have a general idea of what I want— a really sleek design that just oozes Web 2.0. Not to the point where it's impractical, though. I want it to look good.

Unfortunately, my CSS and HTML skills are very limited. So, I'd like to ask, would anybody be willing to make me a template? I'd be glad to give more information of what I sort of want, but at the same time, I'm totally fine with leaving it a little open to interpretation.

You can catch me at southwest23 at gmail. I'm Southwest2300 on AIM, but you'll be lucky if you can catch me on. I'm never on AIM.


Of note: This was posted from Deepest Sender. Sweet.