The Journal of spencer.
The Next Door 12-18-08 00:44
I've been biting my nails all week in anticipation of a letter. On November 15th, I applied Early Decision to Whitman College in Walla Walla. The lengthy explanation of the decision-making process can be found elsewhere, but I've been certain for quite some time that Whitman was the perfect school for me. I was a trifle concerned whether I was perfect for them.

Monday, the day I was supposed to hear from the school, came and went without any notification. So did Tuesday. Today, I opened the mailbox again to find nothing. Disheartened, I set it out of my mind, and continued my day. This evening, however, after dinner, I opened up my e-mail inbox and saw it:

Dear Spencer,

Congratulations! I am delighted to inform you that you have been admitted to Whitman College for the class entering in the fall of 2009...

I feel as though the proper thing to do is end this with an appropriate conclusion, but I can't think of anything. That's the punchline: I'm in. After so much dreaming, hoping, and waiting, I've been accepted to my top choice school.

The next door of my life has opened.

It feels great.