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Well, I don't know what happened, but I ended up completely wiping all my account settings, somehow, including my template and my image.

I guess this means I should get to work on that new template I've been thinking about.

I'm suspicious that this might be a cookie problem. My cookies have been acting weird lately… but whatever.

Avatar aliisme
12-22-06 10:29
Maybe it's the cookie MONSTER!!! ...what's a cookie?
Avatar chucho *
12-24-06 19:55
Breathe deep
a cookie is kinda like ... a muffin. but yet, not at all.

is your layout just a cc of britney's?
Avatar spencer
12-25-06 10:02
I really haven't the faintest.
Avatar roquelaure
01-03-07 22:19
A bird in the hand
My cookies irritate me. A lot.
Avatar chucho *
02-07-07 23:04
Breathe deep
Avatar nick
02-22-07 20:55
Hell yes.
What's even more strange is that you're not listed in latest posts.
Avatar chucho *
03-21-07 20:55
Breathe deep
why dont you post any more, cupcake?
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