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Pick It Up!

I have an interest in forming a group of volunteers in the Milwaukie area in order to regularly pick up litter from public places. Currently, I imagine we would meet about once every two weeks, and we'd go spend an hour or two picking up trash from streets, parks, and so on.

If you have any interest in joining such a group, please comment on this post and e-mail me. I'm "Southwest23" at Gmail.

Avatar max *
08-18-07 16:34
cyber desperado
Nice layout. Too bad I don't roll with Milwaukie anymore.
Avatar roquelaure
08-18-07 21:29
A bird in the hand
Agreed. I wish I was still in the area, I'd be there.
Avatar sara *
08-18-07 23:43
Have some tea.
Too bad I don't roll with environmentalism any more. Naw, just kidding. I mean... too bad I work all the time and, yeah, will be in Seattle. Nice aspiration, though. You can be the environMENTALS.
Avatar rachel79th
08-19-07 00:20
I Love Kittens
I'm in! If I'm not working...I'm TOTALLY in. I need a time and a place.
Avatar zanna
09-07-07 18:51
gibts keine hier
I might seriously be able to do this. Like rachel said, time and place, and I'll tell you if I can make it.
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