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This just in:

I slammed my finger in the car door yesterday.


...fucking OWWWWWW.

Avatar yourworstenemy *
11-23-08 12:52
Your Best Friend
Eeeeeeesh! I've been lucky enough to avoid that situation...

But this one time when I was like 2 or 3, I was following my dad out to my uncle's garage from inside the house and you know how there are those heavy, metal-lined doors that lead to the garage? Yeah well he didn't know I was behind him and my finger got smashed and my nail fell off! It had to be sewn on at the hospital and since then, I've had one fingernail that just looks fucking retarded, lol...
Avatar chucho *
11-23-08 13:52
Breathe deep
My sister slammed my fingers in the trunk of a car when I was little.
Avatar swift
11-23-08 16:02
a sum of his things
seen it happen, never had it happen. looks like it hurts >:3
Avatar catchfishwithhan
11-23-08 16:31
A Day In The Life
danggggg, yeah i had that happen to me back in 8th grade when i went to india, but luckily those cars suck and i managed to somehow pull me finger out while yelling at the driver guy who was driving us
Avatar dagnirnin2
11-23-08 18:26
I think it's funny that this is what you post about. :) Feel better
Avatar dagnirnin2
11-24-08 13:44
Spencer, your title is "This juat in"


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