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Walking to rehearsal today, I passed some kids leaving school. They looked like your typical troublemakers-- as soon as they were off campus, one of them lit up a cigarette. They caught my attention because they were busy shouting "nigger" at buses, automobiles, and a passing police car.

"Nigger! Nigger!"

When I was young and living in my old house, I decided one night that I wanted to shout "damn it." "Damn it! Damn it!" I shouted, until my parents carried me down the hallway and put me in the garage.

The simple self-gratitude of yelling obscenities very quickly waned, and I moved on. They let me back inside.

"Nigger! Nigger!"

Did I grow up fast, or do others grow up slow?

Avatar fraz
02-12-09 21:37
It's carlos mencia syndrome. They hear people using those words at home or on TV so they think it's edgy and clever. It isn't.

Trust me, once they get a fist shoved down their throat, they'll give it up really quick. In the meantime, take pleasure in imagining their great pain when they say it in front of the wrong person.
Avatar chucho *
02-12-09 21:58
Breathe deep
Maybe they were trying to hitchhike to Niger and didn't realize.

Unrelatedly, I had a dream about haning out with you a couple weeks ago. It was kind of random.
Avatar nick
02-13-09 06:25
Hell yes.
Spencer, you have such a way with words.

Likewise, I have a way with cusses. When you hear stuff like that, you say, "Shut the fuck up, you fucking racist bitch. Fuck the whore who called herself your mother and your father you never knew because he didn't pay the first time."
Avatar dagnirnin2
02-13-09 12:36
I like Matt's take on the subject.
Avatar david *
02-13-09 16:22
Ross Is. Br.
If you throw that word around like that, it doesn't have any power left when you really mean it.
Avatar camabar
02-13-09 17:39
If you say so.
The way they were using it does not seem to produce the effect you are talking about, david.

anyway, they grew up slow. fucking retards. . .
Avatar max *
02-13-09 19:53
cyber desperado
My parents never cared enough to lock me in the garage.
Avatar rachel79th
02-13-09 20:00
I Love Kittens
That reminds me of a joke I heard in Georgia.

"Are ya'll racist in Oregon? I really hope not.... I mean people down here are nice people. I myself hate bigots and racists. Thats the biggest scourge on our great land. Bigots and racists. Not only that but they give us a bad name!

Theres only one thing I hate more then racists and bigots...and thats those retarded fucking niggers!"

I laughed so hard I was crying. Its nice to be able to recognize a joke when one is said..even it is as blunt and hardcore as that one. (He isnt racist)
Avatar nick
02-14-09 10:18
Hell yes.
Rachel, that's so funny. I love jokes that make fun of racists.

They're really harsh, but then again I find racist rhetoric, while sad, innately funny.

"You aren't as good because you have a different color skin."

It's so stupid.
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