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Hey elowel.

I've been trying to consolidate all of my old blogs into one place. Is there any way to get a database dump of all of my posts from elowel (spencer and spencerdub) so I can import them into my WordPress database?

It'd be super rad if it also contained comments, but I can live without that.

Hearts and kisses.

Avatar schelly
03-19-15 07:17
Warrior Princess
To my knowledge, I don't think anyone with admin privileges still visits the site...

Try contacting Matt R on facebook? Wasn't he the admin?
Avatar effika
03-19-15 15:34
Prodigal Elowel User
I think so...
Avatar cinnamonlixx
03-21-15 10:33
lizz's journal
I was interested in the same thing! Let me know if you hear anything... :)
Avatar spencer
03-23-15 12:47
I reached out to chucho via email a week ago, and he and Other Matt were talking about it. It sounds like they were gonna pass it off to Jon and let him have a go at making the feature happen.
Avatar cinnamonlixx
03-28-15 10:04
lizz's journal
Thanks for looking into this!
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